Earth Matters Around the Web            Kimberley Big Hole (©Entropy1963 via Wikimedia Commons) – Visit Earth Matters for yourself at the National Museum of African Art to see a view of the infamous Big Hole from 1930

This week, issues of the Earth’s natural resources featured prominently around the web:

  • A new article discusses Africa’s vast mineral resources – and explores how they have the potential to send national economies booming around the continent.
  • Earth Matters explores issues of mining, land disputes, boom towns, and the impact these issues have on the environment. Check out this short documentary about the booming mining business in Ghana that explores the complicated intersections of these issues.
  • Read about how Zimbabwe is also attempting to deal with issues of its natural diamond resources, balancing the trade’s potential economic benefits with how to expand the mining and trading responsibly.

Check back here next Wednesday for more links – and share those you’ve found in the comments!


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