Earth Matters Around the Web

Love_Signs_on_Wall_amidst_Arab_SpringLove Signs on Wall Amidst Arab Spring – photo courtesy Wikimedia Commons

This week, the web was filled with stories of emerging and established centers of art around the continent of Africa:

  • Nollywood (or Nigeria’s booming film industry) represents the second largest film industry in the world, second only to  India’s Bollywood in terms of annual film production. And now, Nollywood will bring the film magic to Paris for an inaugural film festival – check out this article for more info and clips from some of the participating films.
  • Read about how Egyptian artists, filmmakers, musicians, and more have responded to the Arab Spring and created a thriving arts scene in the midst of political and social upheaval.
  • Learn more about Yegna – a new Ethiopian radio project that has cast five triple threat singer-dancer-actors as archetypal characters in a girl band, each meant to represent a different segment of Ethiopian society and promote female empowerment, focusing on girls between the ages of 12-15.

Watch their catchy debut music video above.

And make sure to stop by Earth Matters, too, which features the work of over fifty contemporary artists, and see how other African artists are shaping the conversation on some of today’s biggest issues.


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