Guest Voices: Artist Christine Dixie

Christine DixieChristine Dixie in front of her work in Earth Matters, Even in the Long Descent I-V – Credit: Glenn Virgin Photography

Our guest post for this Monday features Earth Matters artist Christine Dixie. Dixie’s work features prominently within the “Imagining the Underground” theme of the exhibit, shaping ideas surrounding the exhibit of what investigations into the underground can reveal about our connections to the land.

In this video, produced by the Big Fish School of Digital Filmmaking, Dixie tells us more about her connection to the landscape above ground – another theme in Earth Matters – particularly that of her home in South Africa’s Eastern Cape, found in much of her other work:

©Big Fish School of Filmmaking – all rights reserved. Refrain from downloading, copying, reproducing, publishing, transmitting, or otherwise using any portion of this film without the permission of Big Fish. Please contact them here if you would like more information or to use any portion of this footage. Please see below for full film credits.

Find more from Christine Dixie at her website here, and check out more from Big Fish here. What do you think the connection between landscape, art, and the artists who make that art is? What does it mean to connect with a landscape in a personal and intimate way? How does mapping affect that connection? Share your thoughts in the comments below.


Producer/Director: Pumlani Veto

Production Assistant: Unathi Peyana

Camera: Siviwe Besman

Sound/Editing: Pumlani Veto

Additional Footage: Mark Wilby

Special Thanks to:  Chrisitine Dixie, Ruth Simbao, Lindi Arbi, Karen (Rhodes Sculpture Department), Rhodes University

Mentor: Neville Josie

Big Fish Supporting Team: Gail Bond, Connie Mosegedi, Tanya Sutton, Angela Campbell, Maureen Lesufi,  Lazararu Chokewe, Itumeleng Swartz

Training: Loreley Yeowart

Head of Technical: Paul Freathy

Head of Finance: Wilma Rall

Executive Producer: Melanie Chait


2 thoughts on “Guest Voices: Artist Christine Dixie

  1. This film is an excellent introduction to Christine Dixie’s work. I only wish it had been a bit longer so she could talk at greater length about the large-scale work in the Earth Matters exhibition. However, I am now inspired to travel to Washington, DC to see it first hand! Congratulations to Christine, to Ruth and to the filmmakers! Pam allara

    • Thanks, Pam! We’re glad you enjoyed the video. We hope you do make it to the exhibit and get a chance to see Christine’s work in the show – it’s a fantastic work, and illuminates another aspect of the theme of the “Imagining the Underground.” About the work, Christine has said she was thinking about the violent history of the Xhosa Wars (or the Cape Frontier Wars, 1779-1879) on South Africa’s Eastern Cape, and imagined “a family buried far beneath the ground, like a memory that sometimes wants to surface but the weight of the earth presses down.”

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