Earth Matters Around the Web

ImageA grey whale surfaces in its more typical habitat in the Pacific – photo via Wikimedia Commons

All sorts of creatures made headlines this week – as pests, as environmental portents, and even as protein:

  • Billions of locusts have descended on Madagascar, prompting the need for swift action for the island’s agriculture and a discussion about how to be better prepared in the future. Learn more – and watch the amazing video – here.
  • A grey whale sparked surprise and excitement when spotted off the coast of Namibia, the first one ever recorded south the equator. But is the sighting evidence of the much-hunted whale’s resurgence, or a result of climate change in our oceans?
  • A report released this week by the U.N. Food and Agriculture Organization had some unusual advice: Eat more bugs. The findings suggest that numerous, adaptable, and surprisingly nutrient-filled insects could help solve food insecurity. Learn more in the report below and here – along with some tasty suggestions!